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Knowatt Hedgehog

The Knowatt Hedgehog, uses patented technology to monitor the individual circuits from a Domestic dwelling. The perfect unit for new build installations but can also be installed as retrofit.
No external device mounted as all housed within the consumer unit.

Quick and simple installation by a qualified engineer, need only swap out existing Busbar and replace with Knowatt Hedgehog bar instead.


Utilising LoRa Technology, connecting, long range, low data rate, sensors to the Cloud and enabling real-time communication of data and analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Knowatt Hedgehog


Knowatt Hedgehog

  • 1 phase CT Class 0.1 Meter

  • High Accuracy <1%

  • Power (Whr) converted to KWh

  • AC Voltage & frequency

  • Brownout detection

  • Spike detection

  • RMS voltage (true)

  • Real/Apparent/PF/Frequency

  • Built into the Busbar of the consumer unit

  • Temperature

  • Contained within the Consumer Unit

  • TRUE power-High resolution (0.001W)

  • High accuracy synchronised, 24 BIT Sigma Delta A-Ds, sampling at 8kHz

  • Worldwide application



  • Built into the Busbar

  • Non intrusive, so if unit fails no interruption to supply


Data types

  • Electricity

  • Extras using Knowatt02/04’s

    • Water

    • Oil

    • Electricity

    • Gas

Battery Power

  • 10 year design life

  • 7 year guaranteed life

  • Monitored


  • Internal to the Consumer Unit


  • Operating Temperature; - 5’c ~ +55’c

  • Storage Temperature; -20’c ~ +65’c

  • Humidity; 20% - 90%


  • CE Certified

Advanced Tech


  • LoraWan communications; long range, low powered IOT

  • 868MHz (Europe) 

  • MQTT Via LoRawan protocol

  • Requires LoraWan Gateway within 1km

  • Usually one per house

Unit Setup

  • Easy setup - Automatic (QR Code)



  • Designed life 10 years.

  • Guaranteed 5 yrs

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